Snowdon House, Stirling

Service Description
Snowdon House offers a high quality, relationship based, care service for girls / young women, aged 12 to 20 years, provided by staff who have the experience and qualifications to offer the targeted support necessary to meet their individual needs and contribute effectively to the Child’s Plan, within the framework of Getting it Right for Every Child.
Snowdon can provide a ‘continuation of care support’ to a young person beyond 16 years old, who has been Looked After by a Local Authority, and wants to remain within a supportive care environment.
Snowdon will assess each young person’s individual needs and will address them effectively, resulting in an individual targeted support plan and risk assessment based on the individual’s needs.
Snowdon offers a range of services, including:
A Standard Service that includes:

  • Targeted care and support programmes.
  • Providing a Place of Safety, in female only accommodation.
  • Crisis care and protection for girls / young women.
  • Short, medium and long term respite accommodation and support.
  • Individualised programmes of care and therapeutic support, further enhanced by being an ASDAN Registered Centre.
  • Working with young people at risk of exploitation.
  • Supporting ‘continuation of care’ and throughcare to Looked After young people, further supported by our city centre location and access to further education, employment opportunities and transport links.

An Enhanced Service is available that might involve additional resources, to include

  • Increased staff numbers to offer enhanced close support for an agreed length of time when necessary. Specific outcomes will be re-assessed and further engaged as necessary, and agreed with Placing Authorities.
  • Specialist counselling and support that can be arranged by Snowdon and delivered within the service accommodation, supported by staff members.
  • Facilitating access to other specialist supports available, beyond what the standard service provides, and will be time-limited, outcomes-focussed, tailored around the needs of the young person, and reviewed regularly.

Education, Training and Employment

Young people resident in Snowdon House will be able to access education, training and employment opportunities that are appropriate to their age and stage of development. The city centre location provides a tremendous range of opportunities to suit individual needs, including:

  • Access to special education provision, provided by Common Thread (arrangements will need to be agreed between the Placing Authority and Common Thread to access this provision).
  • Access to mainstream schools and additional support education provided by Stirling Council (arrangements will need to be agreed between Stirling Council and the Placing Local Authority).
  • Access to Forth Valley College offering a range of educational and vocational opportunities.
  • Access to local employment opportunities and work-based training available in Stirling and surrounding areas.

Snowdon has a collaborative working agreement with the Common Thread Denny school, an education and training facility/school, located in Denny, less than a 20 minutes drive from Snowdon in Stirling.
Common Thread, in their Denny School, provides a full curriculum, in small-class settings, built around Curriculum for Excellence and the principles of Getting it Right for Every Child, and Teachers and support staff are enthusiastic, fully trained and dedicated to young people who need that extra support and understanding.
In summary, this collaborative agreement with Common Thread offers:

  • Individualised education provision that would provide a continuation of the formal education journey that the young person has been on.
  • Small-class setting, with fully qualified and experienced Teachers and support staff.
    Good collaborative working between staff in Denny school and the Keyworkers and care staff in Snowdon.
  • Flexible delivery of education, including ‘mobile’ tuition delivered on Snowdon premises where necessary.
  • A shared ethos and culture in how we work for Looked After Children and young people, between staff in Snowdon and the Denny school, based on CfE, GIRFEC, and best practice.

For additional information about Snowdon House, or to make a referral, please telephone 01786 473449 and ask for the senior member of staff on duty. Or email info@snowdon-house.co.uk.