Our Vision

Our Vision, Aims and Objectives

Our Vision:

To provide the highest possible quality of care and support, designed around the unique needs of each young person. Snowdon’s vision is to be excellent in engaging with young people to offer an enriching environment in which to live and learn within a community, promoting personal growth and individual ambitions, and enabling everyone to achieve their best possible outcomes.

Our Aims :

  • To ensure that all young people are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included.
  • To ensure that GIRFEC (Getting It Right For Every Child) is fully embedded in practice.
  • To provide good management, a competent and confident workforce, where meeting good outcomes informs continuous improvement through good leadership at all levels.
  • To ensure full participation of all members of the community and other stakeholders in Quality Assurance assessment and planning.


Our Objectives :


  • To assess a young person’s wellbeing needs and deliver targeted support within the framework of the GIRFEC National Practice Model.
  • To implement individualised assessment, planning, review and delivery of services designed around the unique needs of each young person and taking account of the Child’s Plan and agreed placement objectives.
  • To provide experiences and opportunities for growth and personal development based on the young person’s needs, and taking account of the 8 Wellbeing Indicators.
  • To equip young people with the skills, self-belief, knowledge and capacity to play their part fully in the community, and in learning, work and social environments.
  • To support a relationship-based environment, where young people thrive and grow through positive influences and guidance provided by caring and capable members of staff.
  • To provide choices for young people in developing skills for learning, life and work.
  • To assist young people to develop resilience and the capacity to deal with difficulties appropriately and overcome barriers to personal success.
  • To ensure young people respect the balance between their Rights and their Responsibilities, so that each can understand how to take responsibility for their own actions and be more aware of themselves as individuals and as being part of a community.
  • To empower young people by involving them in the planning and decision-making processes affecting their lives at both personal and community levels.